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HCR Compounds and Pigments, Heat Cured Rubber (HCR) / Pigments

Heat Cured Rubber (HCR) Compounds and Pigments.

Silicone Solutions offers a bespoke HCR (High Consistency Rubber ) compounding service to provide ready to process, ‘out of the box’ materials enabling the client to mould, extrude or calander compounds. We also have our own moulding and extrusion capability for small lots/short runs.

Our capabilities include:

HCR generally appears as a ‘gum’ and can be modified from its basic formulation (a base) with additives to improve;

  • Cross linking
  • Heat age stability
  • Compression set
  • Blooming
  • Pigmentation
  • Green strength
  • Cost
  • Flame retardance

The bases are also designed with a series of features which can be preselected by the customer for specific properties, such as;

  • High tear/elongation
  • Low temperature (-115c)
  • Flame retardancy
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Food contact/Medical approval

Silicone Pigments

Our range of pigments can be used in all forms of silicone rubbers and in addition to our standard range we can, subject to volumes, offer specific colours. Products are available in gum and liquid form.

1: PD 2111 White
2: PD 2217 Black
3: PD 2120 Red Oxide
4: PD 2116 Cobalt Blue
5: PD 2175 Ultra Marine Blue
6: PD 2217 Iron Black
7: PD 3715 Green
8: Plum
9: PD 3102 Yellow

10: PD 2120 Red
11: PD 2720 Red Oxide
12: PD 2201 Brown
13: PD CT-100 Orange
14: PD 50605 Green
15: DAYGLO Yellow
16: DAYGLO Pink
17: DAYGLO Purple
18: DAYGLO Red

HCR Compounds and Pigments, Heat Cured Rubber (HCR) / Pigments

Extrusions and Finished Goods

Working closely with the worlds leading manufacturers of Silicone materials; Silicone Solutions Ltd has the knowledge and expertise to design and create the extrusions and finished goods that you require. We specialise in runs of 300 mtrs to 1000 mtrs.

HCR Compounds / Pigments

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For more information on HCR Compounds / Pigments contact Silicone Solutions Technical Experts on 01204 863290 or email [email protected] who can provide Technical Advice for Material Selection and supply samples.

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