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SS-RTV221829 Two Component Liquid Silicone Rubber Coating

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SS-RTV221829 Description

SS-RTV221829 is a two-component liquid silicone rubber for coating. A typical application of SS-RTV221829 is fabric coating

SS-RTV221829 Properties

  • Good Workabiliity
  • Good adhesion
  • Low viscosity
  • Translucent

Typical Uncured Properties

  • SS-RTV221829A – translucent in appearance with a viscosity of 15000 mPas
  • SS-RTV221829B – milky white in appearance with a viscosity of 15000 mPas

The mix ratio by weight A:B is 10:1

SS-RTV221829 Two Component Available Online

Typical Cured Properties

  • Appearance ( test method ASTM E 1769) Translucent
  • Specific Gravity – @23 degree C ( test method ASTM D 792)  1.03
  • Hardness ( test method ASTM D 2240) 30 Shore A
  • Tensile Strength ( test method DIN53504) 3.5Mpa
  • Elongation ( test method DIN53504) 40%
    • Shear rate 10 s-1
    • Sheet curing conditions: press cure at 170 degree C / 10 min
  • Typical property data values should not be used as specifications

SS- RTV221829 Health and safety

  • Material Safety Data Sheets are available on request.
  • Wear eye protection and protective gloves when handling this product.
  • Inhibition may occur with amine, sulphur, organophosphate compound and organometallic compound, in close contact.

SS- RTV221829 Storage and Shelf Life

  • Use within 12 months from the day of manufacture.
  • Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of the reach of the children.

SS- RTV221829 Packaging

  • Available in the following pack sizes
    • 220kg
    • 22kg

Textile coating market-silicone applications

Silicones are used on a wide variety of textile coating applications. They are becoming increasingly popular for architectural fabrics / tensile structures-smart buildings. Over the past few years the textile industry has developed for the construction sector the next generation of advanced textile materials designed. Some development examples of advanced textiles include fabrics for building rehabilitation, high performance technical textiles for tensile structures and geotextiles for the consolidation of a wide range of soil structures.

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