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Urethane USP’s

(Poly) urethanes are very diverse in their characteristics, and can be developed to focus on particular properties. Their main features are;

  • Range of cured hardness-from gel to glass hard
  • Cured speeds, slow to rapid, in minutes.
  • Temperature resistance -50 to +130c
  • Mechanical toughness when required

Uretahne Product Information Needed

Urethane Coatings, Urethane

Urethane Coatings Protecting and Enhancing Surfaces

Maintaining the functionality and appearance of a surface requires a coating that can deliver protection from high temperatures, harsh weather and abrasive chemicals. Momentive’s extensive portfolio of silicone-based coatings can offer this line of defence for an array of weatherstrip, release, hard coat and electrode applications. Momentive coatings can provide excellent solvent, thermal, abrasion and chemical resistance, as well as improved adhesion to substrates for applications from sensitive electronic components and tapes and labels to automotive trim, glazing and headlights and trim. Momentive electrode coatings can help in the protection of sensitive electronic circuits and electronic components used in electronic display panels from harmful moisture and corrosion elements which can help add to the reliability and longevity of electronic systems.

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