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Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (U.L)

UL are a global company helping industries to design and produce safer products. Testing to UL Standards ensure materials are developed which have known thermal endurance for electrical and mechanical performance and, in selected cases, flame retardency (UL94).
The materials featured on our website are classified by UL as plastics. Checks can be made on a materials status via the UL ‘Online Certifications Directory’ via a number of options. In the case of Momentive, for example, the following ‘UL File Numbers’ apply;

E36952 – US produced material
E56745 – Japan produced material
E205753 – German produced material

UL silicones, UL Spec Encapsulants and Adhesives

To check the UL simply visit the UL website ( click here ) and then complete the form that you will see as below

UL silicones, UL Spec Encapsulants and Adhesives

Silicone Adhesive Products Available Online

UL silicones, UL Spec Encapsulants and Adhesives

UL Spec Encapsulants and Adhesives

Maintaining the functionality and appearance of a surface requires a coating that can deliver protection from high temperatures, harsh weather and abrasive chemicals. Momentive’s extensive portfolio of silicone-based coatings can offer this line of defence for an array of weatherstrip, release, hard coat and electrode applications. Momentive coatings can provide excellent solvent, thermal, abrasion and chemical resistance, as well as improved adhesion to substrates for applications from sensitive electronic components and tapes and labels to automotive trim, glazing and headlights and trim. Momentive electrode coatings can help in the protection of sensitive electronic circuits and electronic components used in electronic display panels from harmful moisture and corrosion elements which can help add to the reliability and longevity of electronic systems.

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For more information on UL Spec Encapsulants and Adhesives contact Silicone Solutions Technical Experts on 01204 863290 or email [email protected] who can provide Technical Advice for Material Selection and supply samples.

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