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Thermally Conductive Adhesive

Thermally Conductive Adhesive TIA350R

TIA350R is a one-component, heat curable silicone adhesive designed for thermally conductive applications. TIA350R cures quickly upon exposure to heat, and adheres well to a wide variety of substrates.

Key Features

  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Low temperature, fast cure
  • Easy to use one component formulation
  • Electrically insulative
  • Primerless adhesion to many substrates
  • Non-corrosive to metals


  • Thermal Interface Material between dies and heat spreaders
  • Adhesive for use between various heat sources and heat dissipation devices.

Thermally Conductive Adhesive Available Online

Potential Uses

Thermal Interface Materials materials provide a heat path from a heat source to a heat dissipation device. Thermal Interface Materials are used in almost all Electronic Products to

  • Remove heat,
  • Maintain device processing speed / functionality,
  • Extend the lifetime of electronic products.

Inside the package 

  • Thermal path between Si & heat spreader
  • Requires structural adhesion
  • Ability to withstand thermal stress

Outside the package

  • Thermal path between heat spreader/ Sink
  • Reparability commonly required

Testing of TIA 350R Thermally Conductive Adhesive

  • TIA350R is a self leveling material with a thixo index (1 1/s / 10 1/s ) at 20 degrees C
  • TIA350R shows a shear thinning effect when pumped
  • Storage test
    • Material shows a slight increase in viscosity after 14d @ RT
    • Material can not be stored at 40°C
    • Storage at RT does not show a significant impact on hardness
  • Material can also be cured at lower temperatures (extended cure time might be required)
  • Reliability data
    • Material shows some changes in mechanical properties after aging
    • Tensile Strength increased at higher temperatures (more force is needed to break the silicone), while the elongation is only slightly impacted (material still flexible)
    • Almost no change in hardness at higher temperatures
    • Useful Temperature Range: -40°C to 200°C

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