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SLE5600 Two Component Silicone Liquid Elastomer

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SLE5600 Description

SLE5600 is a two-component silicone liquid elastomer, which can be cured rapidly at elevated temperatures. This product is supplied with curing agent in matched kits, which are designed for use at a convenient 1:1 ratio by weight or volume. SLE5600 is beige in colour which facilitates pigmentation and has a viscosity of ~150,000 mPa·s.

SLE5600 Applications

SLE5600 is suggested for coating fibreglass and other industrial and structural fabrics and sleeving. Typical applications include belting, tape, insulation, electrical sleeving and protective blankets for use at elevated temperatures. SLE5600 is also appropriate for liquid injection molding of small rubber parts where moderate physical strength is adequate and the high strength of the standard Momentive performance materials Liquid Silicone Rubbers is not required.

SLE5600 Two Component Available Online

Instructions for use

Contains no solvents; therefore, cure can be accomplished rapidly in a single step in a coating process or in an injection molding machine. Typical curing conditions for coating or extrusion are 1-2 minutes at 200°C. Standard equipment for coating or supported extrusion may be used with little or no modification. For liquid injection molding, may be handled with typical meter/mix systems for silicones and screw or plunger type machines, which have been designed or modified for the Liquid Injection Molding process.


SLE5600 silicone liquid elastomers will cure when applied to clean dry surfaces, which have been properly prepared. However, certain materials, such as butyl and
chlorinated rubber, sulfur-containing materials, amines, and certain metal soap-cured RTV silicone rubber compounds, can cause cure inhibition. Cure inhibition is
characterized by a gummy appearance of the silicone at the interface between it and the substrate. It is recommended that a sample patch test be performed with the SLE product to determine if a barrier coating or other inhibition-preventing measures are necessary before applying the liquid silicone elastomer.

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