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Silopren LSR 2345-06 TP 3585 Electrically Conductive Two Component Liquid Silicone Rubber

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Silopren LSR 2345-06 Description

Silopren LSR 2345/06 TP 3585 Electrically Conductive Two Component Liquid Silicone Rubber for injection moulding processes

Silopren LSR 2345-06 Features and Benefits

Silopren LSR 2345/06 TP 3585 should only be used for the production of technical articles.

The outstanding properties Silopren LSR 2345/06 TP 3585 make it particularly suitable for the following elastomeric articles: electrodes, field control elements, cable terminals, cable connectors, high voltage plugs, sealing elements s.o. Vulcanisates consisting of Silopren LSR 2345/06 TP 3585 are distinguished by the following properties:

  • Electrically conductive
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • High stability and flexibility at low temperatures
  • Good rubber-like properties
  • Outstanding resistance to ageing
  • Not readily combustible, does not melt or drip

Silopren LSR 2345-06 TP 3585 Available Online

Processing recommendations

  • Ready-to-use mixtures (of the components A and B) are fed directly to the injection moulding machine from
    the original containers by means of a metering and mixing unit.
  • The mixture, consisting of the two components in the ratio 1:1, is injected into the heated mould.
  • At mould temperatures of 140 – 200 ° C, the addition-crosslinking silicone rubber vulcanises free of dissociation products within a few seconds.
  • High curing speed and ease of demoulding permit fully automated production of large numbers of articles in short cycle times


High voltage connectors ( standard or customised) ; single pin high voltage, multi pin high voltage, internal high voltage and custom modular connectors. Almost any combination of high voltage and many other voltage types is possible through the modular design of this interconnection system. Signal types range from High voltage, pneumatic, signal , data transmission and fibre optic with applications ranging from servo and engine control, sensing and feedback loops, conveyor / processing controls through to high voltage and power.

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