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SS-RTV221238 Two Component Liquid Silicone Rubber Coating

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SS-RTV221238 Description

SS-RTV221238 is a two-component liquid silicone rubber for textile coating. A typical application of SS-RTV221238 is textiles where its low viscosity and good adhesion are beneficial.

SS-RTV221238 Properties

  • High temperature vulcanizing
  • Addition curing LSR
  • 100:10 mixing ratio
  • No by products
  • Good adhesion
  • Low viscosity

Typical Uncured Properties

  • SS-RTV221238A – white in appearance with a viscosity of 23Pas
  • SS-RTV221238B – transparent in appearance with a viscosity of 2.2Pas

The mix ratio by weight A:B is 100:10

SS-RTV221238 Available Online

Typical Cured Properties

  • Specific Gravity – @25 degree C ( test method ASTM D 792)  1.16
  • Hardness ( test method ASTM D 2240) 23 Shore A 38
  • Tensile Strength ( test method DIN53504) 3.5Mpa
  • Elongation ( test method DIN53504) 360%
    • Shear rate 10 s-1
    • Sheet curing conditions: press cure at 170 degree C / 10 min
  • Typical property data values should not be used as specifications

SS- RTV221238 How to Use

  • For making a suitable product, mix components A and B in the ratio of 100:10

SS- RTV221238 Storage and Shelf Life

  • Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.
  • Use within 12 months from the day of manufacture.
  • Keep out of the reach of the children.

SS- RTV221238 Packaging

  • Part A: 200Kg straight drum or 20Kg Tin can
  • Part B: 20Kg straight PE pail or 1Kg Tin can

Silicone Textile Coating Solutions

Textile coating silicones overcome many of the challenges and issues where materials must be light and flexible. These materials may also need to be durable and extremely resistant with specific functionalities.

Silicone products for textile coating provide exceptional resistance to environmental attack, such as heat, UV exposure, aging, fire and mechanical stress. This makes them suitable for delivering protection and insulation properties in such technical textiles as insulation panels, welding blankets and personal protective equipment.

Textile Coating Silicones are engineered to take into account the characteristics of the processes and the substrates, enabling optimized interaction between the coating material and the textile. The textile composite ( silicone and substrate ) is then able to provide the best possible function including, compatibility with human health and safety needs, as well as comfort features, Thermal, fire and UV resistance, Waterproofing, Abrasion resistance, Tensile and tear strength, Anti-slip capabilities, Ageing performance and durability.

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