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Momentive RTV218819 Self Bonding Silicone Encapsulant

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Momentive RTV218819 Description

SS-RTV218819 is a 2-component, silicone elastomer system specially designed for electronic potting and encapsulation applications. It offers good protection against chemicals, environmental contamination, mechanical shock, vibration and impact damage. It can be employed in areas where low flammability is a prerequisite. The cured elastomer can be repaired. The component parts have relatively low viscosities and are readily mixed either by hand or machine.

RTV218819 Use and Cure Information

The product is supplied as two components ‘A’ and ‘B’. These components should be mixed together in the ratio by weight shown opposite. Mixing can be done by hand or by automated dispensing machine using a static mixer nozzle. A nozzle of at least 9 GXF type elements is recommended for uniform mixing of both components.
The dispensing machine mix ratios should be adjusted if mixing by volume and not weight. IMPORTANT the mixed components will cure in the nozzle so to preserve nozzles a continuous process is required or a change of nozzle after the task is completed. Complete mixing of each component is achieved within the first 50-60% of the nozzle.

Mixing RTV218819

Both the ‘A’ and ‘B’ parts should be well stirred to ensure the material is uniform and any settlement of the fillers has been remixed. Place the required amount of ‘A and ‘B’ parts by weight at the mix ratio shown opposite, in a clean plastic or metal container of approximately 3 times their volume, and mix until the colour of the mixture is uniform. For best results, we recommend degassing. Degas by intermittent evacuation, the larger volume of the mixing vessel helps prevent overflow during this operation. In case of automatic dispensing with static mixing head, the two components should be degassed before processing. Recommended vacuum conditions are 30-50 mbar intermittently over 5-10 minutes. Cast the mixture either by gravity or pressure injection.

Momentive RTV218819 Available Online

Key Features and Benefits of RTV218819

  • Self bonding, primerless adhesion
  • Room temperature cure
  • Soft low stress rubber
  • Re-enterable
  • Clear
  • Low viscosity
  • Resistant to cure inhibition
  • Operates up to 200c+

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