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In addition to our extensive experience in innovation and technical support for RTV/PSA products, helping customers develop new concepts and solve problems, we also offer manufacturing capabilities of our own.

We can assist in materials and process evaluation from prototyping to small scale production or simply provide the raw materials to enable the end user to fabricate.

Silicone Solutions Manufacturing, Manufacturing Capabilities

Our range of capabilities can be summarised as;

  • HCR compounding, enabling modification to silicone rubber HCR bases to offer bespoke ‘out of the box’ moulding/extrusion compounds.
  • Extrusions-short run (300-1000mtrs) silicone profiles to drawing, for seals, gaskets and cords.
  • Moulding-Various moulding techniques of silicone rubber to produce parts.
  • Silicone RTV foam-liquid foam moulding equipment for self expanding cold cure silicone.
  • Spray coating-facilities capable of spraying silicone liquid elastomers or adhesives.

We can provide an in house technical solution for all applications of silicone elastomers

Silicone Solutions Manufacturing, Manufacturing Capabilities

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For more information on our products contact Silicone Solutions Technical Experts on 01204 863290 or email [email protected] who can provide Technical Advice for Material Selection and supply samples.

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