New Products to Hit the Rubber Industry


Solvay S.A. has unveiled Efficium, a highly dispersible silica and a reinforcing filler that allows for higher productivity and greater flexibility in producing green passenger car and truck tire compounds, the company said.

Efficium offers benefits for the automotive industry, Solvay said, allowing for increased productivity due to its impact on mixing and extrusion throughput and adding flexibility thanks to its silanization control and reformulation opportunities without compromising on rolling resistance, wear and grip.

Efficium’s wider operating window is characterized by lower Mooney viscosity, lower temperature sensitivity, better dimensional stability during extrusion and extended storage life of uncured rubber, Solvay said.

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Huntsman Corp recently
highlighted some of the company’s latest technologies for the plastics market. They include:

c Avalon TPU for the footwear sector, one of the first polyurethane materials developed for the footwear industry in the 1970s. The company has expanded its line of lightweight TPUs to meet the sustainability objectives of footwear manufacturers worldwide, while raising the bar in terms of material performance and wearer comfort, the company said.

c Irogran TPU for wire and cable manufacture. Marketed under the Irogran brand, the range includes a variety of halogen-free, flame retardant grades that are easy to process and provide a matte finish, the company said.

c Irogran TPU for food contact materials. Produced under good manufacturing practice conditions, they are used in harvesting and picking equipment, processing and dispensing machinery, conveyor belts and other food and drink-related processes.

c Krystalgran TPU for film and sheet production. Huntsman said it can help safeguard tablets and phones and protect automotive bodies from chips and scratches. They are used in construction, flooring, footwear, graphics and textile applications.

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Wacker Chemie A.G. has developed Elastosil RT 779, a silicone adhesive-sealant for mounting vehicle oil pans.

Elastosil RT 779 adheres to aluminum and polyamide, the company said, and plastic oil pans now can be mounted without mechanical fasteners.

Elastosil RT 779 has good sealing properties and is highly resistant to oil, heat and dynamic loads, Wacker said. The adhesive can be applied by machine and rapidly cures at room temperature. This self-adhesive, condensation-curing two-part silicone rubber boasts a balanced range of rheological properties.

Among other new Wacker products are the Genioplast Pellet S, an additive for thermoplastics, and optically clear Lumisil LR 7600 liquid silicone rubber.

The Genioplast Pellet S is a high molecular weight silicone additive, Wacker said, that works both to improve surface properties of the plastic substrate and to make compounding and shaping of thermoplastics more efficient and economical. Genioplast Pellet S is a silicone additive in pellet form with an active ingredient of a non-crosslinked, ultra-high molecular, linear silicone polymer, Wacker said.

Wacker’s Lumisil LR 7600 LSR is suited for primary and secondary lens optics because it allows light to pass through virtually unimpeded, the company said. The Lumisil LR 7600 series features exceptionally high transparency and is heat and weather resistant, while being able to withstand prolonged exposure to temperatures of up to 200°C.

Genioperl P52, a particulate polymer modifier in powder form, was developed to improve the impact strength of thermoplastic and thermoset polymer systems, especially at low temperatures, Wacker said.

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Beckwood Press Co. has created a custom-engineered hydraulic rubber molding press system for Mohawk Industries.

In order to meet Mohawk’s requirements for part thickness uniformity, Beckwood said the press will feature its proprietary active leveling control technology, which utilizes closed-loop control of the four press corners to ensure bed-to-ram parallelism is maintained throughout the cycle. The control system will be enhanced further with recipe functionality, the company said.

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Beckhoff Automation L.L.C. has introduced the C6670 industrial server.

Beckhoff said the C6670 is a top-performance PC-based solution that can be equipped with 12, 24 or 36 processor cores, and its memory can be expanded from 64 gigabytes up to two terabytes. The computing power can be used effectively when each core is efficiently leveraged with the TwinCAT 3.1 automation software platform from Beckhoff, the company added.

The C6670 is the first industrial server offered from Beckhoff Automation. It can be used in complex applications, such as highly articulated robotics and advanced image processing, the company said. Designed for control cabinet installation, the C6670 server incorporates two Intel Xeon processors, working together on a motherboard with two gigabit Ethernet controllers and a graphics card.

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