Load Cells, Transducers and Weighing Applications

Silicone Solutions’ portfolio of products has been used in electronics for many years to seal, bond, and encapsulate delicate assemblies, where moisture and contamination ingress would compromise the functionality of the components.
Within the Weighing sector we feature a number of materials which provide the user with process and performance benefits, around the transducer, junction box and instruments.


Adhesives and Sealants
Our TN Range of adhesives offer some interesting features to enable you to achieve IP67 and;
• Low stress using very soft silicones e.g. 13 shore A for TN3705 vs DC 3145 of 45 shore A.
• Range of uncured viscosities Paste (22 shore A), Semiflow (14 shore A) , Runny (13 shore A)
• Tin free, neutral cure, fast tack free time with good adhesion to most substrates.
• UL Approval.
• Cure compatibility (no inhibition) with addition cure silicones inc. Sylgard materials.

Encapsulants and Potting Compounds
To enable applications for intrinsic safety and in ATEX environments we offer a number of options;
SS RTV 228819 Low viscosity , ‘fast and firm’ silicone gel with 45 minute pot life.
SS RTV 228820 Low viscosity, ‘soft and slow’ silicone gel with a 170 minute pot life.
RTV12 A UL approved , soft 15 A, self bonding repairable silicone.
RTV627 A UL 94V0, firm 60 shore, silicone encapsulant.
RTV11 Food grade, general purpose silicone encapsulant. 40 shore.

For assemblies requiring more robust and demanding mechanical performance;
SS PU 20968 Blk A salt water resistant, tough, flexible, polyurethane elastomer.
SS EPX 20190 Clear A rigid epoxy resin with enhanced resistance to H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide) found in offshore and chemical environments. Ideal for corrosive applications

Listed above is only a small selection of Silicone Solutions basket of products, please contact us to discuss other options