LED Lighting

Silicone Solutions’ involvement in silicone chemistry dates back 30 years+ but some of the latest applications have come from LED lighting. Within our range of products, relevant to lighting, we can offer materials to protect assemblies, dissipate heat and, when necessary, transmit light.

Our latest materials have some new features;


Designed to bond and seal bezels, lenses and cable entries, our TN Range offers a unique combination of properties.

  • Viscosities from Paste or Semiflowable to Liquid. (click to view data)
  • Tin free catalyst, neutral cure, fast tack free time
  • Low outgassing, prevents silicone ‘fogging’ in service
  • UL approved for flame retardancy


To provide mechanical support, reduce stress, prevent environmental ingress and offer ATEX level protection.

Our crystal clear silicones are safe on LED’S, and easy to use.

RTV615 10:1 mix ratio , food grade clear silicone potting.

SS-RTV 228845 1:1 mix ratio (clear or white), low viscosity.

SS-RTV 228819 1:1 mix ratio, soft re-enterable silicone gel, clear.

SS-RTV224545 A+B 1:1 mix ratio, flame retardent, soft, low stress silicone with reduced risk of bubble/void formation

For more robust applications we have polyurethanes which can either transmit light or diffuse it.

PU23875 Clear is a 1:1 clear PU with enhanced UV resistance and flexible.

PU23930 Pearl is a firmer encapsulant which diffuses light to produce a light bar effect

Thermal Interface materials

As LED’s rely on keeping cool to ensure optimum performance we offer a number of materials to establish heat conduction.


SS-RTV 146567 is our one component, thermally conductive (2.3W/m/K) silicone adhesive, offering fast cure at room temperature.

RTV627 a two pack, UL94V0 flame retarded, low viscosity silicone which dissipates heat.

TSE3331 also UL94V0 but has higher thermal conductivity than 627 but is self bonding when heated above 80C when cured.

Our range of materials extend much further than the content on this page so, if you have any queries, or need some technical support, please contact us on 01204 863290 or sales@silicone-solutions.co.uk

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